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Entourage of 7

Entourage of 7 - Beacon 04-13 (Absinthe/ Blue Polarized)

Entourage of 7 - Beacon 04-13 (Absinthe/ Blue Polarized)

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New color of the bestseller Entourage of 7 - Beacon - Matt Damon these sunglasses in the movie 'Ford VS Ferrari', Michael Douglas also wore them in 'The Kominsky Method'.

Click here to view the original Beacon 1020.

The glasses, made in the transparent material 'zyl acetate', were handmade in Japan. The hinges are made of titanium. On the side of the glasses you see two dice that together form the number 7. The glasses come in a nice leather case from Entourage or 7. In short: a timeless classic!

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